Friday, May 14, 2010

The Vampire Diaries: Baby Brother's Big Decision

Last night’s The Vampire Diaries finale was a big one. Damon’s running around feeling guilt for wrongdoings, apologizing left and right, thanking people for various good deeds. Man! And Stefan, worrying about Damon and Elena – does she love me? Does she not? Will my much hotter brother steal her? Will he not? And the kiss! Damon thought it was Elena – so that’s pretty hot. All of that – as steamy and angsty as it was – pales in comparison to Jeremy’s big decision.

After Anna dies (poor Jeremy!!) Jeremy decided to take the plunge and vamp himself. And of course, to do this, he must commit suicide – the ultimate angst action. Now here’s the thing. Before last night, I had a problem with The Vampire Diaries’ method for turning people. Usually there’s some sex appeal there with the biting and sucking and exchanging of fluids and whatnot. In this case – all a human has to do is find a vampire, lick an open wound, and jump off a cliff. Not necessarily sexy – and interestingly enough – not necessarily in the hands of the vampire.

Anna gives Jeremy a vial of her blood (hot!) and it becomes a loaded gun. It’s all on him after that. So even though it’s Anna’s blood – Jeremy essentially turned himself (if he does in fact turn). It’s weird – right? I don’t think it’s my favorite method of transformation but last night, The Vampire Diaries used it to its fullest potential.

Now the technicalities. Jeremy took pills – lame! – and curled up in a little ball to wait for death – aww. But – say his heart stops beating for three seconds while he’s in a hospital. Will he be vamp? What if they shock him back to life? Does his momentary death count? How long does he have to be dead?
I haven’t read the books and I don’t want to be spoiled but I’ll be shocked if we’re given a vampy Jeremy next year. I guess we’ll see. The Vampire Diaries has surprised me before.

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