Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Diet Angst

There are a few shows that have angst characters but have to go light on the angst. Let’s talk Finn and Cappie. Glee and Greek – dramadies with an emphasis on the edy part – give their main boys an issue or two but the tones of the shows don’t allow for the angsty actions we all know and love. But what if they did?

Finn and Cappie. Together at last.
Two Glees ago, Finn was all upset about his mother dating. What if, out of fear of losing his mother and becoming second fiddle to Mike O’Malley (GUTS! Do you have it?), he had started cutting – just to feel something. Surely this would have gained mama’s attention and she would have told Mr. O’Malley, “It just isn’t the right time. My son needs help. Help I have to make sure he gets.”

Or Greek. A moment before the season finale, Cappie’s parents showed up and announced they’re splitting. Oh no! So Cappie rushes off to the Kappa Tau house, finds Beaver’s hidden stash of coke, and snorts a bit too much, landing himself in the hospital. At which point, his parents decide they can’t split right now. “It just isn’t the right time. Our son needs help. Help we have to make sure he gets.”

These are some angst rewrites I would kill to see.

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