Wednesday, May 26, 2010

You Don't know Jack...or Jack.

I care far more about one Jack than the other. Jack Bauer was one of the kings of adult angst. His life was ripped to shreds season after season and it was fantastic. Jack Shepherd was a little too stuffy to ever reach the heights of angst that Jack Bauer got to. But Sawyer – he wins the LOST angst war.

So – what I really want to know is – what happens to Sawyer? How did he spend his life post island and post Juliet? Do you think he and Kate ended up together only to go back to their true loves in the churchy purgatory of light? I hope the plane didn’t land and then Sawyer and Kate get off and they're just like “Well, nice reconnecting with you. Glad we made it out of the seventies in one piece.” And then Kate walks off with Claire whose all “MY BABY! MY BABY!” and Kate’s all “All right, crazy lady. I’ll take you to YOUR BABY!”

Maybe they all went out for coffee? Kate and Sawyer make tentative plans to meet up again in a few days – once he finds some money and a place to stay? I don’t know. I’ll never know.

Now on to the other finale – the one that got WAY less play but deserved just as much.

Jack Bauer. Screwed over – as ever – by the lameo president who doesn’t realize she’s being played until it's way too late. Who remembers, long ago, when the season began and Jack was planning to go live with Kim and his granddaughter in Los Angeles? He was going to go be the happy family man he started as back in season one. But alas, the fates curse Jack Bauer again and again. He’s pulled back in – and death and destruction follow him as he goes. Then he goes OFF THE RAILS, killing anyone with a Russian accent and leaving behind a gutted man and trail of Russian guards. Oh, Jack.

The finale was pretty standard – wrapped up the season's arc and made it clear that Jack needed to flee, setting up the international setting Keifer Sutherland has promised for the movie.

My fingers are crossed that when the movies come and go, Jack gets a happy ending - not the depressing, perhaps sacrificial death that may be more the Jack Bauer way. Only time will tell.

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