Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Zedus Lapidus!

LOST spoiler alerts galore so if you aren’t caught up, go catch up.

This past week brought much sadness but was it angst? What does a character need to qualify as angsty? Surely he must do more than just die. Things that put a check in your angst box include: drug habits, awful diseases, pining for a lost/dead/doesn’t-know-you-exist love, being physically tortured or beaten in some way, feelings of inadequacy, daddy issues, and ultimately, a tragic death doesn’t hurt. But there’s something else. A certain jen e sais qua. Call it charisma, call it humor, call it good acting (Faraday), but some got it and some don’t. So who in the land of the Lost qualifies for Angst status?


Richard (but really only in Ab Aeterno)

Angst Status has been denied Jack, Sayid, and Jin. Yes, they have a few daddy issues amongst them and a problem here and there with cupid, but who would want to hang out with any of them? They just don’t have IT, man.

Anyway…back to the angstlessness of this past week. We saw:

The death of Sun
and Jin.
and Sayid.
and Lapidus.

It was a high death toll for one episode, and the death music played as Jin and Sun drowned in a confined space – a favorite executioner weapon for the writers of LOST. But how much did you really care? This flash sideways has got us all a flutter. I can’t help but expect that with so many dead in one reality and so many alive in the other, the show will ultimately wind its way to the reality where things are okay. Or – end on a monumentally depressing note. Good news? We don’t have to wait too long for the answer. Bad news? We don’t have to wait too long for the answer.

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