Sunday, September 5, 2010

Being Human: Series One

I've finished Being Human: Series One and thanks to BBC America On Demand, I'm well into Series Two. Everyone should watch it. Here's a little rundown to get you intrigued. See that pic below? That's Annie (ghost), George (werewolf) and Mitchell (vampire). They're roomies. *Spoilers below.

Annie: Annie was murdered by her boyfriend. She doesn't know this at first, so she's heartbroken when he stops by (he's the landlord) with his new girl. He can't see her. Her visibility goes in and out. Her traumas work like a visibility light switch. Supernaturals can always see her. She loves to make tea and coffee despite her inability to eat or drink. And she's stuck in the clothes she died in. She's uber-cute.

Mitchell: He's the vamp. See above. That's really all that happens when vamps go vampy. Black eyes and fangs. I appreciate this choice. It doesn't destroy hotness like Buffy vamps. He vamped out during World War One and he's given up blood. Vamps in this world don't need it - they just really want it. They can eat and drink normal food, they can go out into the sunlight (but they don't like it), and religious artifacts only sometimes matter. They do, however, have to be invited into homes. Mitchell's mostly happy - which I find amusing in a vampire - but when he angsts (as in Series 2 Episode 5 - one of my faves) it's hard core angst. Season one is all guilt guilt guilt over the fact that he lost control and turned an innocent girl.

George: George is the werewolf. He got scratched by a werewolf and voila. He lost his finance and turned to life a loneliness. Until he met Mitchell. He's neurotic, he's prone to panicing, and he loves making lists. Sometimes you think he's a total wimp but then he does something lovely and heroic and you love him again. He's also the funniest. The best bits of the season finale are George centric. Series Two brings some new interesting dilemmas for George and his desire for normalcy.

George + Mitchell = Bromance: Mitchell saved George from a pack of mean vampires (because naturally, vampires don't like werewolves) and they became besties. They had both been lonely souls but they formed a freak friendship and moved into an apartment haunted by Annie. Mitchell rocks it out with the ladies and gives George a hand once in a while. It's a lovely little bromance and when Series One was ending and the fate of Mitchell was in question, we got the bro-hug you see above.

So that's some more about Being Human. I hope I've been convincing. It's got some good laughs and some good angst and there are only six episodes in the first series so it's easy easy easy to get into. Check it out.

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