Wednesday, September 1, 2010

For the Trubies!

Let's talk True Blood.

As always *Spoilers*

This is a show that gets better every season. Season one was very much a whodoneit. It was okay for what it was but half the planet (including myself) seems to find Suckie (yeah. I did that.) and Bill the least interesting characters on the show. And man was season one chock full of them.

Season two gave us the brilliant hair cut of Alexander Skarsgard. If Keri Russell's haircut killed Felicity, Aleander Skarsgard's saved True Blood. (Okay, it didn't need to be saved per-se. But man did it elevate the hotness factor. Which is really what t.v. is all about). Not to mention Godric. Oh, Godric. The arc of my True Blood dreams. The Godric episodes of True Blood are the best although I think season three is better than two overall. Godric is my current desktop. Just so you know.

Now season three. True Blood has an amazing ability to add characters at a frightening pace and make them all more interesting than Bill and Sookie. I adore Alcide partly because he's a great character and partly because he's extremely easy on the eyes. Russell is one of the coolest villains ever. He's about a million times more bad-ass than Maryann was. (dude, killing that news anchor on television! And staking that hustler who looked nothing like Talbot!) And Talbot! I loved him too! It's prompting mass exclamation point usage! And Tommy! I forgot about Tommy! I love the dogfighting storyline. Angst galore. Even Crystal - Lindsay Pulsipher is a great actress (or actually trailer trash. But I'm assuming it's acting).

Plus, characters we've known all along have been given new shades and colors. Pam is remarkable. Maybe my favorite chick on the show. And Terry (who I still refer to as Zack from Gilmore Girls) is also a whole new character. Todd Lowe. Make a mental note. His name is Todd Lowe. And Hoyt and Jessica and Lafayette and Jason and Eric Eric Eric.

Okay, I'm just listing characters now. But my point is, season three is blowing one and two out of the water. And it's mostly because the vast quantity of story and character True Blood is handling correctly. The writers of Glee need to take a lesson. True Blood services an immense cast and eats story at breakneck speed but doesn't resort to ridiculous plot lines and underdeveloped arcs. I'm very much looking forward to the finale two weeks from Sunday. I need to get some True Blood lists going. Best deaths? Best kisses? Best Eric moments? Best Jason moments? Best True Blood list ideas? It's all coming up!

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