Monday, September 13, 2010

True Blood Season Three Finale: In Pictures

The finale of True Blood happened Sunday and, to be honest, I found myself shrugging quite a bit. No huge moments, no signature cliffhanger. Yet, not all the moments were bland. Here is a recap in images:

1. New I-don't-take-crap-from-anyone Sam tracked down Tommy after he took off with the Merlotte's safe. Being held at Sam's gunpoint, Tommy revealed in a perfectly Angsty My So Called Life sorta way that he can't read. Tommy made to take off and Sam shot in his general direction. (You know the effort it took to get a screen-cap with gunfire?!).

2. Tara chopped off her hair (although I was hoping she'd use those scissors to slit her throat) and left town. Thank God. Hopefully she never comes back.

3. Hoyt and Jessica were perfectly adorable as they admired their new digs. But Hoyt's mom and crazy ex are up to no good buying guns and whatnot. Oh no - I guess?

4. Jason took over a landfill full of trailer trash and Chrystal went away. Shrug.

5. Layfayette is seeing stuff. Jesus is a witch. Shrug.

6. Sookie garbage disposed Talbot in the only cringe inducing moment of the hour. Poor Talbot...

7. Eric buried Russell in a cement pit ending the major season long arc. Godric appeared in his pajamas and got all redundant telling Eric to forgive. Eric said no.

8. Bill went crazy, tried to kill Eric, tried to kill Pam, failed on both accounts (shocker) and Eric revealed to Sookie that Bill was manipulative way way way back in the pilot. I guess that matters. It made Sookie angry at Bill (again) and prompted her to kick him out of her house (again).

9. Bill decided to fight Evan Rachel Wood. Shrug. I'm guessing Bill lives. But her outfit was awesome.

10. Sookie disappeared into a big poof of fairy light. What? Okay, whatever. She'll be back.

I was underwhelmed. I enjoyed the Tommy-can't-read bit only because I love seeing the oldest trick in the Angst book pulled again and again. Eric looked hot covered in cement. And garbage disposing Talbot - while totally un-Sookie like - was pretty gross. Other than that, Season Three ended with a whimper.

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