Friday, October 28, 2011

The Best Stefan Is A Tortured Stefan

When it comes to The Vampire Diaries, I'm a Delena fan all the way. I think Ian Somerhalder is just about as hot as hot gets. And the emotional torment Elena causes Damon is too damn sexy to resist. Stefan, on the other hand, is too often saddled with being the straight man. Totally boring. Totally loyal. Totally in love and blah blah blah.  Only occasionally does he make the needle on my angst radar move, and it's usually when he's in some form of discomfort. When Klaus forced him to attack Elena - yeah - I liked Stefan then. And last night, the torture-him-to-save-him storyline was a barrel full of fun.

Grr. I'm Stefan and I'm being tortured.
Having Lexi show up was a great idea. I just wish they'd given her a bit longer to play. She got, what, four scenes? And they totally glossed over the "logic" of what was going on. Did she just compel him into starvation? Why can she do that? Why can't Damon do that? It was fun, but it could have been more fun. I don't know if anyone's with me on this, but I'd be happy to sacrifice all current and future Bonnie storylines in service of more vampire time. 

I'm sad. I like Bonnie's storylines.

I'm looking forward to the post-fixed guilt ridden Stefan. Anyone read Vampire Academy? Dimitri in the end of Spirit Bound and then throughout Last Sacrifice? Most angst ridden and most fun. Love. I hope they do that with Stefan. 

On a separate note, this new (?) angsty trend of ghost romance is something that deserves its own post. Between Jeremy and Anna and Violet and Tate, I'm starting to see the wide world of possibilities when it comes to beings trapped in the netherworld. More on Jeremy and Anna in the future.

Also, I love Anna's Scrabble piece A ring. I wonder if she got that on "the other side" or if I can find one here.

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