Monday, October 31, 2011

The Secret Circle: Jake Armstrong Had A Facial Expression!

Okay, Secret Circle. Score one for you.

I've been very lukewarm toward Secret Circle thus far. The characters are incredibly underdeveloped, the show is 90% backstory, and there's essentially just one guy. And he hasn't done anything. This week, though, there was a plot point that surprised me and a moment that made me laugh. Pat on the back, SC. This comes on the heels of your one really great line last week. Things are looking up.

I also appreciate what they did with Adam and Jake last week. Thanks to Chris Zylka, I'm beginning to think all mediocre actors should be given playful psychopaths to play before they move on to things like genuine emotion. Jake was much better as a self-loathing, evil murderer than he was at whatever he was doing last week.

The Secret Circle Chris Zylka Hey everyone, look! I use facial expressions when I'm evil! The Secret Circle Chris Zylka
I'm also always able to get behind a relatively attractive guy slicing open his arm.

I cut so I can feel.
I also appreciated the ever so brief scene between Adam and his daddy. There's much angst to be had in a father/son relationship, especially when the father is a drunk and there's a dead mother involved. Adam needs more, though. I don't know anything about him besides his relationship status with various other characters on the show. What music does he like? Where does he hang out? What's he like in school? Boxers or briefs? Nothing. The same could be said of all the other characters but I only really care regarding Adam.

Let's stay broken up forever so I have an excuse to cry every week.
I have hope for Secret Circle. There are teenagers. There are supernatural happenings. There is angst potential. Maybe more will shake loose in the coming weeks. One can only hope.


  1. From which episode is the first picture of Jake?

  2. It's from episode 7: Masked. The Halloween episode.