Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Sons of Anarchy: Theo Rossi Got Juiced

There be Sons of Anarchy spoilers here. Read at your own risk.

Sons of Anarchy is a show with very few smiles. It is a show populated by intimidating characters you'd cross the street to avoid in reality. Most of the show's best moments have been moments of violence. This season especially - the scenes that stick out are Otto shoving the screwdriver into the Russian dude's ear, Jax slamming the porn-stars face into her mirror, and Juice spraying Miles's brains all over the forest (and himself...)

And now, poor Juice. His character once smiled. His smile made me smile. He smiles no longer. 

I appreciated that Theo Rossi is still bad-ass, despite being occasionally happy. And Juice is written strong enough that his more positive personality isn't a weaknesses but a quality that endears the (younger female?) audience to him. 

This makes his situation all the more depressing. Juice got screwed, royally. Rock on one side, hard place on the other. I was completely convinced at the end of last week that we had seen the last of Juice. (I guess I was the only person who didn't hear the branch snap...) In fact, I had already written,
I hoped that some twist of fate would reveal to the club who Juice's father was and they'd be like The Sultan at the end of Aladdin when he decrees that their old rules are dumb and they should just choose to be a bit more progressive for the sake of a happy ending. Alas. The samcro guys are not The Sultan from Aladdin and Kurt Sutter sure as hell isn't Disney. A  happy ending was not forthcoming. Poor Juice. Poor poor Juice. 
Theo Rossi as Juice hugs Clay on Sons of Anarchy
Theo Rossi as Juice on Sons of Anarchy
Theo Rossi as Juice tries to kill hang himself on Sons of Anarchy
I was thrilled when last night's show began with the fateful snap of a branch. It was great! Maybe Kurt Sutter has more Disney magic in him than I thought! Maybe I shouldn't get my hopes up. I don't even know at this point. And that's part of what makes SoA great. I don't know what the resolution will be or where it will come from. I am hoping for some Juice/Chibs bromance. How cute is it that Chibs always calls him "Juicy Boy?" And there was such angst with Chibs finding him and stopping him and revealing his failed suicide attempt neck injury.

I'm very much looking forward to next week and the continuation of the Juice storyline. Jax who?

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