Wednesday, November 23, 2011

American Horror Story: Tate Shirtless? Yes Please.

Yeah. I have no shame. But it's finally Wednesday! Who needs shame on a Wednesday, amiright?


Man-oh-man, I can't wait for tonight. Hopefully that shirtless scene will yield many swoon-worthy pics.

I've pondered how I would feel IF Tate turns out to be the Rubber Man. I've decided I don't care as long as it makes some sort of sense story-wise. Like he's being controlled. Or he has split personalities. I'm really hoping it's not just Tate's-super-evil-we-fooled-you-ha-ha...

I'm holding out hope that it's not him but I sort of think it is. My wish is that it's Constance's boy-toy instead. It would just be so much simpler if it were someone alive.

Either way, we need to start getting some explanations on the rules of ghostdom. Like how can a ghost impregnate anyone? What exactly is the genetic material within a ghost? How do they bleed? Where do they go when they're not visible? We've gotten lots of backstory answers these past few weeks but they haven't been so generous with the rules of the world. I need structure, damn it!

Whatever. As long as Evan Peters is around, I'll keep watching. You hear that, Ryan Murphy?! The second you nix Tate, I'm out.

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