Friday, November 11, 2011

Bromance or Romance: Opie and Tara Vy for Jax on Sons of Anarchy

This week's Sons of Anarchy may have been the best of the season. It was also the first time, in a long time, I was more interested in Jax than I was in Juice. 

How could you be more interested in Juice? He's so...bald.
There is such brilliance happening on SoA right now, it's insane that I keep watching it a few hours after Glee. This week, the fates intervened and poor Tara had her hand smashed. That's right. Tara - the surgeon - had her hand mangled. In a fantastically written and acted scene, Maggie Siff brought Tara's perspective into focus. She told Jax this was how it was meant to be: they're meant to be together and she's meant to have no chance of escape. What made it brilliant was the almost crazed way she delivered her lines. She was calm, she was smiling, but there was bitterness there and so much hopelessness. Unfortunately for dear Tara, I'm fairly certain she's right about Jax remaining in the club for a while. At least until the series ends. 

Charlie Hunnam as Jax Teller on Sons of Anarchy
I have to stay in the club, baby. I'm the star of the show. 
After Tara finally loses her cool and sends Jax running for the hills, he meets up with his best buddy, Opie. In the night's second stellar Jax scene, he tells Opie he's leaving. Opie. Who Jax convinced to stay. Whose (spoiler alert) wife died because of the club. Whose father's corpse is currently rotting in a cabin because of Jax's step-papa. Jax tells Opie, sorry man. I'm out here. Opie, rightly, is pissed. 

Ryan Hurst as Opie Winston on Sons of Anarchy
You have got to be f***ing kidding me, bro.
Jax is choosing his family over the club. For now. And I honestly don't know where this is headed. Jax expects to leave town. Gemma expects Jax to kill Clay. The creepy fed guy - Lincoln Potter - is coming after all of them. I love Sons of Anarchy because it throws so many balls into the air and lets them just hang there. I get what every character wants and I see the ways in which those wants are going to collide. It's a great, Shakespearian show. If you're not on board yet, climb on. 

And poor Opie. Why can't everyone just leave Gerry Bertier alone!?


  1. Great(and, of course entertaining--your photo captions are downright hilarious!)re-cap of this week's episode of SOA. It was intense and heart-breaking. Katey Sagal continues to blow me away with her acting, she is just amazing. Well, they all are really, but she in particular has a way of bringing tears to my eyes. As does poor Juice. Maggie Siff was outstanding, too. God, I love this show. Can't wait for next week's 90 minute episode! I am sure it will be super angsty. ;)

  2. Thanks! Yeah - I'm super excited to see next week. And I'm SO curious where they're going with all of this. I feel like next season might be a completely different show.