Monday, November 7, 2011

Damon and Stefan: The Ultimate Bromance

I love bromances, but you know what's weird? The term is never really applied to actual brothers. It's like the romance aspect (usually only applied to two people who AREN'T siblings) overshadows the fact that you're referring to the two dudes as brothers. But...I feel like using the term. So shut up.

Damon and Stefan are fun. When you're a couple hundred years old, there's a lot of time for backstabbing and hurt feelings. This season has been especially fun because the brothers have exchanged roles. Stefan is now the evil one and Damon is now Elena's faithful protector. For those of us who love to see Damon tortured by Elena's feelings for Stefan, it's been amusing. Plus, protector Damon isn't a puppy dog like Stefan. He's still got some bite left in him.

Arf arf?
I mean, seriously. It might be the best surprise ever to walk into your room and find this man lounging on your bed.

But back to the bromance. Last week, Damon and Stefan went on a man date. They shared drinks, they shared the other kind of drinks, Stefan saved Damon's life, and then Damon kicked the crap out of Stefan. Good times. 

The final scene between Elena and Damon had Elena foreshadowing, in less than subtle terms, that Damon would be the one to save Stefan. That sounds like fun. Of course, to restore Stefan to his former self means to lose Elena. But he'll do it anyway. Because he loves her. And because the writers of Vampire Diaries know all the best ways to torture a scorching hot vampire.

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