Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Glee, Was That An Emotion You Made Me Feel?!

Glee is insane. Last night's episode, The First Time, was a big 'ole tangle of whaaa? coupled with a healthy dose of really?! But it wasn't all bad. Maybe writing American Horror Story has loosened Ryan Murphy's angst muscles because last night, I actually felt sympathy a whopping three times.

Glee has no edge. Like, none. It lost all its edge potential when the fan base ended up being too young to attend PG13 movies unaccompanied by their older sisters. As such, it's never going to reach any true heights of Angst. There will be no sad drug addicts. There will be no crushing guilt associated with murder. There certainly will be no psychotic school shooters. What it offers instead is the occasional moment of real, true to life angst. Heavy stress on occasional.

Last night both Mike Chang and Finn had some tough moments. Kudos to Harry Shum Jr. especially. He doesn't have much of a character beyond strict dad/desire-to-dance, but he works it. Whenever his parental drama gets a moment in the sun, I feel for him.

Harry Shum Jr. as Mike Chang "You know we only love doctors in this family, son." Mike Chang is sad on Glee 
Finn's moment last night may have been the first time I actually felt bad for him. Telling Rachel the football scout wasn't into him, feeling like he wasn't good enough for anything, and scared that he'd be trapped in nowheresville the rest of his life. Those are all legitimate concerns. He happens to live in a land of crazy-talented musical theater freaks. He's not as good as they are, and he knows it. Speaking strictly from a character point of view, that fear of being left behind is a sentiment worth playing up. Unfortunately, the scene went south FAST when Rachel's brilliant solution was to offer him her V-card. Yeah. That fixes everything, Rachel.

Corey Monteith on Glee "I suck at everything and I'm sad." Finn Hudson on Glee
"Don't worry, Finn. You forever get to be the guy that took my virginity. That makes you special." 
I wish I was joking with that caption above. But that's essentially what she said.

I did mention feeling sympathy three times. The other moment was Blaine's. Darren Criss is cute when he has tears in his eyes. The situation was utterly ridiculous (one beer turned him into a wannabe rapist?) but he looked sad so I felt bad.

Darren Criss as Blaine Anderson "If I look sad, will you forgive me my attempted rape?" Blane Anderson on Glee
Glee doesn't usually make a ton of sense. Or any at all, for that matter. But I keep watching because I enjoy musicals, I enjoy the broadway actors Glee employs, and there's nothing else on Tuesdays at 8:00pm. So I appreciate when it contains a moment or two that actually make me feel anything other than incredulity. Last night, the three boys mentioned above got me. And for that, I thank them.

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