Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Secret Circle: Truths and Dares.

You'd think for as often as I post about this Jake Armstrong character, I must be really into him. I'm not. I swear. It's just that I want so badly to love something about Secret Circle. And until there are more males in the mix or they decide to torture Thomas Dekker with something other than a boring break-up, Jake Armstrong is the most sex appeal we get.

Chris Zylka Jake Armstrong Do you find this favorite expression of mine sexy? I call it: The Stare. Secret Circle
At least this week, he got within striking distance of Cassie. There is SUCH potential for the lets-do-magic-together-thing to be sexy. Just imagine, they're all powerless unless they hold hands. And then when the magic comes, in Cassie's words, it's "intense." Wink wink.

Chris Zylka as Jake Armstrong in The Secret Circle
Chris Zylka as Jake Armstrong and Britt Robertson as Cassie on The Secret Circle Jake and Cassie Chris Zylka
And then the whole kissing thing. Which is just kissing. You know - that scene was a missed opportunity. When Cassie chose dare, and Faye said "I dare you to kiss..." and then Diana said "Jake" Faye should have, nay, would have, immediately said "Adam." And then what would happen? THAT would have been a fun scene.  But - no. Instead, Faye and Adam looked on as the two blondes locked lips.
Chris Zylka as Jake Armstrong kiss You're blonde. I'm blonde. Let's do this. Britt Robertson as Cassie Secret Circle
As kisses go, it wasn't the worst one The CW has ever made me watch. And Adam's obvious displeasure was a step in the being-tortured direction. I still have hope for Secret Circle to turn into something fun and exciting. We started to actually get to know the characters this week with the game of Truth or Dare. Maybe next week a rousing round of Never Have I Ever will really show us the depths of their souls.

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