Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Sons of Anarchy: Juicy Boy

Oh, man. The Angst was HIGH on Sons of Anarchy last night. I don't even know who to write about. Jax? Opie? No. I think for now, Juice wins again. The lovefest between Juice and Chibs was just too adorable. And Opie's situation is actually sort of legitimately depressing...

So back to Juice! How crazy was it when he went strolling through that minefield all bad-ass? That was good times.

Yeah I walked through a minefield. So what? I eat minefields for breakfast.
Then Juice finally, FINALLY told someone what the deal was. Happily, Chibs had the exact appropriate response of: Who the f*** cares what color your dad was?!

OMG! Staring Contest!
I wish Chibs had been able to reassure him, but Juice still seemed pretty upset about the whole thing. I continue to worry that Theo Rossi won't make it to season five. At least with the time he has remaining, he'll laugh, he'll cry, he'll hug it out with Chibs. 

Theo Rossi as Juice Ortiz on Sons of Anarchy
Theo Rossi as Juice Ortiz as Sons of Anarchy

One of my favorite things about Sons of Anarchy is how much every single decision matters. The stakes are incredibly high for each character and most of their decisions are life or death. And when people DO die, it's fast and without fanfare. (Bye, Kozik...) It makes all their relationships so intense.

Juice is balancing on a razor's edge, and Chibs is trying SO hard to pull him back to saftey. And it's not like Juice is the only one. Everyone's reaching their own personal tipping points: Tara, Opie, Gemma, and even Unser. There aren't many shows that stress me out quite so much. I try to avoid getting too attached to SOA characters (Half Sack...) but I just can't help it. I really want Juice to live. Fingers crossed.

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