Friday, November 4, 2011

True Blood's Tommy Mickens

With The Angst Report hibernating through the summer, I missed a lot of good angst moments. One of those moments belonged to dearly departed Tommy Mickens on True Blood.

Marshall Allman as Tommy Mickens "There aint no heaven and hell's a dogfight." Tommy on True Blood
The thing with Tommy was that he was much closer to pathetic than the typical angst character. And he was definitely farther away from 'hot' in the classical sense (sorry Marshall Allman.) But supernatural television shows have unique methods of hiking up the ways to torture characters. And I thought Tommy had one of the more depressing backstories in TV land. 

Marshall Allman as Tommy "I'm going to disappear like I never was. That's what I want." Tommy on True Blood
Because Tommy and his family were shifters, his parents made him dog fight. Dog fights are horrible when it's really only dogs involved. But imagine a young boy fighting those dogs. And of course, Tommy had that twisted-family-love thing going on where he was loyal to them anyway. Along with this healthy dose of childhood abuse, he was also uneducated. Not being able to read? One of the oldest tricks in the angst book.

Marshall Allman as Tommy Mickens "Don't forget me right away." Tommy on True Blood
I liked Tommy for his simplicity. He sucked at being manipulative, he always paid ten fold for his mistakes, and he had an abundance of self loathing. Why bother being good if no one cares one way or the other?

While Tommy was essentially just a prop for Sam, he had a really lovely death scene. It was True Blood at its most serious. In his final moments, despite the crazy reason he was dying, Tommy was just a scared, lonely kid, facing death alone. A kid who knows there isn't any hope for himself or his soul. He's going off into the darkness by himself because that's the way things go for him. It was touching. And fitting. Tommy's death was Tommy's finest moment.

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