Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Wait...What? Vampire Diaries Mid-Season Finale

Not gonna lie - I found last week's Vampire Diaries mid-season finale to be disappointing. As always, Damon was hot. And him saving/protecting/loving Elena was fun to watch.

Ian Somerhalder as Damon Salvatore on Vampire Diaries
Chill out, Damon! I can put my contact lenses in by myself.
And Stefan leaned against a wall. I think guys are always sexier when they're leaning...

Do not be intimidated by the power of The Lean
But for the most part, the episode tried to do too much and therefore didn't do anything well enough. What drove me craziest was the logic behind why Stefan stopped Damon from killing Klaus. According to the not-at-all-interesting-reveal at the end, Klaus told Katherine that if he died, his minions would kill Damon. Here's the thing. First of all, the minions would be trying to kill Damon, Elena, Michael and all the other people going after Klaus anyway. Because they are minions. And they're all totally hot for Klaus. Second, wasn't Katherine about ten minutes away from throwing a bunch of wolfsbane grenades in their faces? That wouldn't save Damon's life? And third, aren't they all operating under the assumption that once Klaus is dead, the whole sire thing and his compulsions will go away? Why would the hybrids bother going after Damon once their daddy-wolf is dead? 

I get what they were trying to do, and it was a decent idea. It's a perfectly lovely plan to have Stefan secretly acting in Damon's best interest. And to have Damon really angry because he doesn't know Stefan's true motives. But the WHY just made no sense. They couldn't come up with something better? Like a spell where if Klaus dies, Damon dies. Or... have Tyler succeed in biting Damon. So Damon needs Klaus's blood again or something. I don't know. I'm sure if the writers had put their heads together, they could have come up with something more logical. 

I know it doesn't make sense, but at least it's sexy when I put my hands on your face.
Damon and Elena on Vampire Diaries
Damon and Elena on Vampire Diaries
You're right, Elena. It IS sexy.
So they had a rare off week. It's just too bad it happened to be a week before they're going away for two months. No angsty vampires until 2012! Luckily, I have a whole second season I never reported on. I guess we'll just have to look back at past angst for the next few weeks.

Check back later for my thoughts on the mid-season finale of Secret Circle!

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