Thursday, December 15, 2011

American Horror Story: All Theories Point to Tate

Here's the thing. I believe the show is going to move to NYC. I think Ausiello's blind item was about American Horror Story. Plus the AHS house is on the market. I think the most logical reason Ryan Murphy would move it to NYC would be to keep Jessica Lange because she lives there. Considering Glee is in LA, he'd have to have a good reason to complicate his life so much. And I think Jessica Lange is a good, nomination getting, attention grabbing, reason. 

Evan Peters as Tate Langdon on American Horror Story Birth
Story-wise, my wish scenario is: Constance goes on the run with Tate's baby. To NYC. Ben kills himself to be with Vivien and Violet, finally getting the happy family he's always wanted. (Although - Hayden is still there. So they're trapped in a vicious cycle like poor Chad and Patrick). The ghosts come up with a way to either vanquish Tate or to set themselves free. So. Final moments of the episode, after we think Tate is gone for good, we're hanging out with Constance and the baby antichrist in her new NYC digs when suddenly, Tate appears behind her. "Hi Mom." BOOM. End of season. We've been twisted. We're left clif-hangered. 

Evan Peters as Tate Langdon on American Horror Story Birth
Obviously, this is just me guessing. Where we'd go in season two, I haven't a clue. And Connie Britton seems pretty set on not being around for whatever mayhem is planned for next year. But just because the house goes away, that doesn't mean all our favorite ghosties have to... right? RIGHT?

There was a lot of fun stuff to talk about from last night. Like Tate's failed seduction of Patrick and his subsequent beating, Violet finally learning the truth about Tate and Viv, and Tate's almost revelation that he shot up the school followed by his tearful breakdown. Plus - Violet Go Awayed him! I have to say, since we learned the 'Go Away' rule, I've been expecting Violet to use it on him. So it was no big shock that she finally did. And thankfully, it doesn't mean he can't come back. I do, however, have serious doubts that these two will end up getting back together. Which is okay as long as Evan Peters gets to be in season two. 

Let me be in season two! Please!
I'll have much more to say about 'Birth' in the coming days. Not to mention, I haven't actually finished talking about LAST week's episode. There's going to be a boat-load of Tate stuff leading up to next weeks finale. Ugh. Guys! I'm actually a bit stressed out over this. Seven days until all will be revealed in the 90 minute season conclusion! Can't wait. 


  1. *Oh my God. She did it. It tore my heart out.* Maybe with time, which they have a lot of, they can be together again in spite of everything he did before...hope springs eternal. Is there a way he *can* pay enough, is there a way he *can* earn now the forgiveness of his past transgressions? Larry went to jail; can Tate pay some other hideous price to finally be able to live an unlife with his One True Love? Can Violet accept something...anything? Only time will tell. And I will be there. Every single episode of the fraught path.

  2. What about ...Ben takes control. Takes the baby - *his* baby - out from under all these hovering women. To New York. He seems like a NY kind of guy. Constance flips out. Just pops up in a near-by apartment or house. Must be near the only living member of her family. And our lovely Tate...and our lovely Violet...oh, I am in heck. This just isn't going to work out. I SO LOATHE to say this, but I think we ...ugh...we lose. *retch* (Ok, I apologize now for just following my train of thought...not for the retching lol)Unless there is a way to maintain 2 locations...*light at the end of the tunnel?***you said he would still be in LA and NY...oh lets hope, let's hope let's hope.....!!!!!!!!! *fingers crossed!!!*** OMG, I am so wrought by this...I just want to hand Ryan Murphy something significant and special and bow down at his feet. Do I have to beg for this to be well somehow with Team Violate? I will. Oh my God. I will.

  3. Tate's reaction to Violet saying 'I love you' pretty much broke my heart, before I remembered he was a psycho. Amazing episode.

    I really like your theory about season two and I am going to cling to it to keep my Constance and Tate love going.

    I like that it fits with Brigadoon too! One person leaves the house (Tate) and all the others vanish.

  4. buuuuuuuuuuuu...i be wait for second chances to tate and violet for seson 2!!
    tate will be there!