Friday, December 23, 2011

American Horror Story: Goodbye Tate's Hands

Sigh. I'm pretty bummed. No more Tate. I know I kept saying that all I wanted was Evan Peters in season two, but it turns out that was a lie. I wanted Evan Peters in season two as Tate. Obviously, I enjoy Evan Peters the actor, (and man, it must have been exhausting to cry so often...) but him being a different character on American Horror Story is akin to him just being in a new movie or on another show. (And I do believe he'll be part of the cast they keep. But who knows. I'm wrong with this show, like, 75% of the time). I was never worried that Evan Peters himself was going to...vanish or something. No, I wanted Tate in season two. 

Also. I do not think anthology shows are a brilliant idea. There's a reason they haven't really worked since the fifties and sixties: most people don't like them. Plus they're difficult to do well. Questions get left unanswered. Things get left unresolved (*cough* fourth child *cough*) Anthologies are for PBS and HBO miniseries. And by golly, we should know in advance that that's what it is.

At least going into season two, I know not to get too attached to anyone because they'll all be gone in thirteen weeks. 

And - wtf with the scars on Tate's face, man? I can't believe that wasn't explained. I don't know why I'm so hung up on that, but I am. 

I feel like I should say something about the finale itself. About how it seemed like they were beginning a redemptive story arc for Tate or how much I liked the scene between Ben and him. But it doesn't really matter now, does it? Maybe Tate will apologize to Vivien, apologize to the exterminator, apologize to Chad and Patrick, and then next  Halloween apologize to his school shooting victims. And all of the above will forgive him. And then Violet will love him again. Ryan Murphy saying they never spoke again is like Margaret Mitchell saying Rhett and Scarlett never get back together. And I know that's an insane comparison and I don't even like Gone With the Wind but I don't think writers should do that. If they aren't going to actually WRITE it, then they should keep their mouths shut.

I can't have a picture-less post, but I'm angry at the finale and I don't want to look at its face. So here are some pictures of Tate's hands. Because I think Evan Peters has lovely hands. Maybe next year he'll portray a pianist or something. That'd be nice.  

Evan Peters' Hands on American Horror Story
Tate's hands American Horror Story
Evan Peters as Tate Langdon with his hands  on American Horror Story 
This is the best picture I've gotten of Tate's ring
Tate Langdon's hand on American Horror Story
Evan Peters with his hand on Taissa Farmiga's mouth American Horror Story
Evan Peters still has hands...
My Precious 
Evan Peters and Tate Langdon have the same hands on American Horror Story (I'm just being weird...) 
Good bye, Tate. You were a fun character. And I'm going to miss you. Fingers crossed that at the very least, Evan Peters gets to play another fun character next year. Come on AHS, give me something.


  1. I'm angry too.....this finale was really was to fast moving, the mood was off, and it seemed like they really rushed it! They were building up the characters for so long and then they didn't "finished" them, if you get what I mean..? So Tate is just a psychopath...nothing more? They made it seem like there was something more...but I guess not....disapointed....

    1. He's not a psychopath. Psychopaths can't fell empathy, deep emotions, actually fall in love or be selfless. I think Ben just said it out of anger for him. That is how HE sees Tate, not how Tate actually is.

  2. I'm still holding out hope that Ryan Murphy is a crack monkey who's also full of shit and has ADD - and is just screwing with us that next season will be "all new." Yeah. Because otherwise the the finale WAS a cop out.

  3. Umm first off, thanks for making me LOL with your, I love that. (the "My Precious" - and many others)...And second, great ring shot. 3 Snakes maybe?
    All right. Yep. It felt rushed. Cut from 2 hours to 90 min (supposedly) to 52? Really? Not even an hour? I think he probably did just as you said earlier, cut out a lot of definitive stuff. Unfortunate. Because we WANT TATE to have redemption. We DO NOT want him to suffer forever. And WE WANT to be a part of that. I always enjoy any ep of AHS. But yes, I wanted more, much much more, of these characters *specifically*. And it did feel a bit rompy, which was fine. But It would have been more fine with MORE meat. Sad. And the whole Christmas thing, everybody happy around the tree, with Tate & B*tchy looking in from outside? Uhhh. Sigh. IDK. I mean really? Okay. But...RYAN, please! We need resolution. We want this team back. We want Tate forgiven, and with Violet, and that at least, done. It's torture.
    Also, loved Tate admitting what he did. Loved him just asking Ben to hang out sometimes. You are right, we don't just love Evan Peters. We love Tate. He was wronged. He was made into what he became, and now even that has changed.
    One last teeny thing; he does have lovely hands. Always wondered what that little mark was on the back of his right one...

    1. The small red mark on the back of his hand is actually one of Evan's tattoos:

      Man I miss Tate :'(

  4. Also, please allow me to encourage you to continue to pull apart every single tiny detail of the episodes for the blog? I just don't want it to end either! lol As you have probably noted, I am addicted to the Angst Report too! ABOUT AHS lol Til i start watching more angsty stuff...thanks for everything. and just for funny I have to say this...
    Can your dog?

  5. There were no scars on Tate's face. It was blood splatter. You could tell from the behind the scenes videos with Evan and the photos. No claws, just high velocity splatter.

    I'm going to reserve judgement for season two until I see it.

  6. There were scars, or at least what looked like quite a few scratch marks all over Tate's face in a couple of episodes. They were most definitely not blood splatter, I assure you.

  7. *GUYS! THERE'S A LITTLE RAY OF HOPE!!* - A friend of mine emailed me a copy of a page from the JAN edition of EW mag & Ryan M says, "interestingly enough, I think there is a possibility we could revisit that story line in season 3 or 4"!!! YES ! I will email it to anyone that would like it; it also says that Constance will NOT be back in S2.
    We all know Tate meant it when he said he would wait forever. And we all want him to be able to attain redemption! I certainly hope that Ryan sees fit to bring another season of them to us and a good close to them…a GOOD, loving close. Happy, even. Or should I say, Evan? Rrrar! lol so there is HOPE!!!Seriously, why was this show like such a drug?! I am still so *strongly* addicted! And now that it's not going to be on any more with these characters (Tate & Violet? there's a sucking chest wound where my heart used to be? ) I just don't know what to do. Ryan Murphy did a great job of doing donuts in the damp lawn of my heart. I am torn up!!! HOLE-Y CHEST-WOUND, RUBBERMAN! Give us a break!!

  8. That's awesome news! It would be so much fun if he brought them back eventually. It'd be kind of funny if Taissa and Evan had aged though.

    1. I am coming in on this waaay late, but I needed my Tate fix, and I found this awesome blog. Anyway - I have a question - isn't Tate's father a ghost in the house?? Constance killed him and we saw his ghost having sex with Hayden. Tate says a few times that his dad left when he was six. I am pretty sure the dates work out that Tate would've been about 6 when Constance killed her husband and the maid. Why has Tate never run into this guy? Also - what's up with some ghosts still having their wounds & being in the same outfit all the time and then some ghosts like Tate and Hayden having a nice wardrobe and no wounds? (does Tate have, like, a closet in the basement?) None of this matters at all, but it's just something that has been nagging at me and I figured you and your readers would understand. :)

  9. ...and they ignored it lol
    we are so desperate, they could just be like "new house rule! everybody gets older, too!" Would we complain? Nah!