Thursday, December 22, 2011

American Horror Story Season 2 Info?

Tod VanDerWerff of A.V. Club is tweeting some stuff that doesn't thrill me:

"American Horror Story is going to be a season-long anthology drama, like laid out in first graf of my review. Could be cool!"

"Some of the actors will be back, but as totally different characters."

"This is all coming from a conference call with Murphy, incidentally."

"Full cast and tease of storyline for season two will be out in February, most likely. (Sorry, Twitter. I am using you as a note-taking app.)"

"You'll never see the Harmons, Constance, demon baby, etc., again."

"There's a clue in the season finale that will tell you what season two will be about, apparently."

Gah. Not happy. Hopefully Evan Peters will one of the actors who will be back. It might be time to start writing some fan fiction, ya'll.


  1. Ok, I read in a RMurphy interview that he said there are clues about the 2nd season in the last 3 episodes. Do i really want to watch them all *another* time NOW to try to piece more speculation together? Sigh. I just can't. I've been so obsessed. I'm more burnt than Lorraine. A little time please. It is so good, I do plan on going back over them all, to catch the little tricks like someone has no reflection in a mirror that he references, but so soon on the heels of the season ender? *whimper-sigh*...oookay... Maybe. If my sanity can withstand it LOL
    I certainly hope Ryan is outright lying when he says that we won't see the Harmon's, Constance, demon baby again...although he doesn't mention Tate. He just says "etc".
    Re; the return of some of the cast, I can see Evan returning as Tate's kid. Grown up, albeit quickly. I certainly hope. I want Evan to be the Evil he is meant to portray, the Super-Villain he could be...because it would be a GREAT show, to have that happen. THen, somehow, to work it around to having the only person that can defeat him be his own Dad, earning his redemption in Violet's eyes at long last. Tate Prime vs. Tate-Tot. Hahahaha!

  2. i was with you, river styx, on the whole hopefullness of the finale. and i am completely disgusted by the reveal by ryan murphy. he should be in purgatory with hayden, not tate.