Wednesday, December 7, 2011

American Horror Story: Tate and Hayden

There are a lot of Hayden haters out there. And I'll admit, before she was dead, I found her insufferable and whiny. The thing is - we were supposed to find her that way, just like we're all supposed to loathe Ben. But now that Hayden is a ghost, she's got a backbone. And she's also gotten funny.

In the Rubber Man episode two weeks ago, I thought Evan Peters looked hottest in his "screw-off" scene with Hayden. 

It was one of the first scenes where Tate seemed to be going toe-to-toe with an equal. They weren't able to manipulate each other, he wasn't cowed by her the way he is with Constance. They can't physically hurt one another. It was fun banter - and as long as Tate keeps his anti-Hayden position, I'm happy to see them spar.

"Who gives a shit, you're like a girl!" 

"What is it about being dead that makes me so horny?"

"You better locate your balls before you go in there! That bitch is tough!"

I find Hayden funny. And I sort of like having someone yell at Tate when it doesn't really bother him or make him cry. Hayden seems to be the ying to Tate Prime's yang. And I can dig it.

Oh! If you haven't already checked out this totally angsty clip of tonight's episode featuring Violet and Tate, do yourself a favor and click here.

"There's nothing stupid about you."

Wednesday night is Tate night! Get excited!


  1. I am so happy!! YES!! But I am a little concerned about what's in the crawlspace...whaddya think, it her? I am kinda in, I want them to be together, forever and ever, and he's a ghost so the only way that can happen...sigh. I think Tate was maybe unsuccessful in his attempt to save her...I mean, she hasn't left the house in two weeks? But wouldn't a person start to create a less than fresh odor before then? I would think a few days max, so two weeks? I kinda hope I am wrong, but I do want them to be able to be together...maybe I am totally wrong!! And Tate/Tate Prime really ARE twins (thus Constance's fourth as-yet-unknown child), and then Vi doesn't have to die, and Good Tate (who DIDN't shoot up the school and die) and she can run off together!! Right?? Tell me I'm right?? Please? lol hahah Well, one can always hope...Well, enjoy tonight!!! :-)I know I am totally looking forward to it!!!!

  2. I am so totally psyched to see tonight's episode of American Horror Story! This has become one of my favorite shows. Wednesday night I am never home, I have to work late at DISH but since I have the Sling box I can still stream all my channels I get at home, right to my iPhone or laptop. That’s so cool because even though I am not at home I can still keep up with all the craziness in the house. I can't wait.

  3. Hee - yes. Definitely up with ghost-Hayden. And I agree that it's the exchange of equals that makes their scene in the basement together so awesome.

    Come to think of it, I'd LIKE to see a little more "Tate Prime," with or without Hayden (with a little less raping, of course). More - how to say - confident? Directed? Less crybaby? This week doesn't look good in that regard. I wanted to facepalm myself when he started getting all weepy with Violet. Sigh.

  4. I like the two extreme Tates. Sensitive vs psychotic always at odds. This weeks episode was so crazy awesome. I don't want to give anything away but I'm very intrigued for next week. I hope Tate is back second season because Constance and her clan of misfits could have their own spin off show if they wanted.

  5. Also I think Tate really loves Violet. I was never quite sure until this weeks episode.