Monday, December 26, 2011

Angst Initiate: The Lying Game's Ethan Whitehorse

Now that American Horror Story is officially gonesville for a while, I need a new crop of shows to keep me busy. Luckily, a few of ABC Family's light as marshmallow-goo mysteries are on their way back. And up first here at The Angst Report: The Lying Game

Yeah, I pose shirtless on my bed to Skype with my girlfriend. Who doesn't? 
This is Ethan Whitehorse. From moment one, it's clear that he's our resident bad boy. Rides a motorcycle, did a stint in juvie, lives below the poverty line, and has no parents. Let's forgive the fact that Blair Redford looks like he graduated high school ten years ago because he's extreeemly easy on the eyes.

Look! I'm Eighteen! I have a backpack!
What's interesting about Ethan is that he seems to be the most together character on the show. He's incredibly pragmatic, always wanting to plan and figure things out, and he comes off quite thoughtful. These aren't typical qualities of a bad boy. Usually the bad boy is wild and impulsive; not so much the level head under pressure. I'm not entirely certain if this is how he's written or it's what Blair Redford is bringing to the table, but I like that our bad boy is the character who is most steadfast and true. 

Steadfast and true? What am I, a ship?
Blair Redford as Ethan Whitehorse on The Lying Game
Initially, Ethan is the only one who knows the truth about Emma. So it's natural that she'd trust him. And from his point of view - how awesome would it be if someone showed up who looked just like your girlfriend but was a hundred times less bitchy? Yeah, I'm totally on the Ethan and Emma train.

Blair Redford as Ethan Whitehorse and Alexandra Chando as Emma on The Lying Game
Too bad I'm not just ON Ethan...

Ba dum.

More on Ethan and Emma later this week. And The Lying Game comes back Monday, January 2nd.

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  1. Damn, this guy is so pretty I may just have to check out The Lying Game just so I can watch him! :P