Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Angst Initiates? The Other Guys on The Lying Game

Remember how yesterday I lamented the boy-band-ish-ness of the guys on the first season of Pretty Little Liars? Now, I'm looking at you - Lying Game.

There are quite a few secondary males. Let's consider their Angst possibilities, shall we?

Randy Wayne as Justin onThe Lying Game
First we have Justin Miller played by Randy Wayne. He's obviously up to something but we've yet to learn what. His cover story is that he's on his own, sans parents, and in order to go to college, he needs to be at a school with a good golf team. On the dubious side, he worked pretty hard to get close to Laurel, he demonstrated some pick-pocketing abilities early on, and he's interested in the Mercer clan. My personal theory is that he was hired to get close to Laurel to get information about something. Either way, the homeless thing is potentially angsty, but otherwise, I find this Izod golf guy a big snooze. I mean come on... it's golf. 

Christian Alexander as Thayer on The Lying Game
Next up. Christian Alexander as Thayer Rybak. His dad is a bit of a d-bag to him and he's got a crush on Sutton. Why anyone wants Sutton, especially now that an equally attractive, far more normal version of her exists, is beyond me. But I guess unrequited love and jerk-dad equal angst. However, he's a techie with the body of an Abercrombie model and the head of a fifteen year old. I hear Mr. Alexander is very lovely in reality, but Thayer doesn't really work for me and he needs to avoid the gym.

Benn Elliot as Derek on The Lying Game
Just look at this guy. Sorry. No. 

Rick Malambri as Eduardo The Lying Game
Finally, Rick Malambri as Eduardo Diaz. Oddly enough, Eduardo was probably the best angst candidate amongst the not-Ethan guys. He had a certain broodiness to him and he didn't seem to be from the land of rich snobs like everyone else. Plus - he went through a spell looking like this:

Rick Malambri as Eduardo in the hospital on The Lying Game
That was his best look. Being mangled always ups ones angst quota but, unfortunately, it seems like he's gonesville.

It's okay. I really enjoy Ethan and hope springs eternal that they'll torture Ethan a bit more, up the angst for one of these other guys, or bring in some new twisty dude. Don't worry, I'll keep you fully up to speed on all the angst possibilities. And... for good measure, I think there will be one more Ethan post later on this week. Until then!

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