Friday, December 9, 2011

Tyler Shields and Evan Peters

Do yourself a favor and go check out for more. And thanks, Nina, for the tip!


  1. Dude. Is he not the next Malcolm MacDowell or what?? I mean obviously he is going to make a huge name for himself all on his own. OK, just thought of this. Now the issue here, with someone that is young and STAGGERINGLY, so obviously, talented is (& I really hate to say what I am about to say -) is the Phoenix-Ledger syndrome. All I have to say is this: "PLEASE. EVAN,IF YOU EVER READ THIS. IF YOU ARE FEELING DRUG-EXPERIMENTAL, OR THE SLEEPING PILLS AREN'T WORKING OR *ANYTHING* AT ALL THAT COULD EVEN *VAGUELY* ENDANGER YOUR OWN LIFE, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, *REFRAIN*. THINK TWICE. PLEASE. Talent as rich as yours is sometimes snookered by the Universe and winds up robbed. We love you. You aren't invincible. Please be CAREFUL. We want your success to go well up into Old-Manhood, we want you to eventually do an Anthony Hopkins and play excellent rich old-guy roles. After a life of course filled with wonderful rich other age guy roles, because we are in total fantasy love with you. :-) Sincerely. Julzrael" God/dess, I hope he reads this. And calls me. Srsly.

  2. Ditto to everything SHE said. :)