Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Lying Game: Ethan's Hot. That Is All.

The Lying Game came back this past Monday and, just like with Pretty Little Liars, I was pretty disappointed by the lack of angst. 

Blair Redford as Ethan Whitehorse on The Lying Game
Yeah, Ethan is still hot. And he looks good in black. No big shock there.

Blair Redford as Ethan Whitehorse in The Lying Game
But pretty much nothing happened. Emma suspected Ethan of doing something to Sutton. Then he convinced her she was wrong. End of conflict. Cordelia Chase turned up playing a second, mysterious Annie. Double double toil and who cares. The two BFF girls were boring as ever. The mom was a pain. The adult males snaked around being snakey. 

Hey! Check out those ceiling tiles. They're more interesting than this episode.
Blair Redford as Ethan Whitehorse on The Lying Game
Hide your kids. Hide your wives.
Mostly Ethan just hung out and acted level headed and normal. Come on, Lying Game! Torture him!!

Ethan and Emma on The Lying Game
And this guy. He got the angstiest storyline of the night - crying over his alleged dead mother. Unfortunately, his cry face makes him look like a constipated muppet.

Randy Wayne as Justin Miller on The Lying Game
Some guys can deliver the cry face, some just can't. Sorry, man.

Do better next week, Lying Game! Or else!

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  1. Hello my name is Alex and yesterday, 16-1, saw the new episode of The Lying Game. I love your comments. make me laugh. I'm looking forward to what you have to say the chapter "Pleased to meet"