Monday, January 30, 2012

The Lying Game: Tagged Out At Second

Last week's episode of The Lying Game was definitely my favorite since the winter premiere. We actually had some forward momentum in the overarching mystery, learning that Annie Hobbs isn't their mother after all. Plus, they got the Mr. Mercer murdered my mommy junk out into the open. Which... Justin went through ALL that trouble but is willing to just let bygones be bygones because he fell in love with Laurel? "Sorry, mom. I no longer wish to avenge and/or learn about your death because I've got a date to the prom!" Oooookay...

Blair Redford as Ethan Whitehorse on The Lying Game 
But blah-blah-blah-blah with all that stuff. I don't care. It's Ethan and Emma I care about. And  they almost gave Ethan a Moment this week. It was soooo close. We learned that things used to "get bad" with his father. And when they did, his grandfather would take him to a lake to escape. And his father is why he left the reservation and moved in with his brother. Unfortunately, he didn't share his feelings on any of those things. Alas.

Alexandra Chando as Emma n The Lying Game with Blair Redford as Ethan Whitehorse
But, I really liked when Emma put her hand on his arm. It was sweet and intimate. I think I'm coming to the conclusion that Alexandra Chando is better than this show. Not only is she great at differentiating between Emma and Sutton, but she's likable. That's difficult to pull of when you're playing The Average Girl. I think she's succeeding in a way Nina Dobrev never has.

Alexandra Chando as Emma n The Lying Game with Blair Redford as Ethan Whitehorse
Anyway - their pseudo intimate moment lead to a more physically intimate moment later. Can't say I blame Emma on that one. Of course they were interrupted by Sutton, but they had a few candlelight cloaked moments of almost second base.

Alexandra Chando as Emma on The Lying Game with Blair Redford as Ethan Whitehorse making out shirtless
I haven't actually made up my mind about Blair Redford acting-wise. As I've said before - you have to either be super hot or super talented and he's got the hot thing down. Talent-wise, he does trustworthy and strong really well. And there's something to be said about the talent of NOT bad acting. Like,  unnatural, can't-speak-lines-in-a-normal-human-way, BAD (ahem, Keegan Allen). But they haven't really tested him with anything emotional. Like - hurt his feelings or something. Kick his puppy. Something. Anything.

Until then though - wtg on the hotness thing. Keep doing what you're doing I'll keep watching. Deal? Good.

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