Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Lying Game: Why Does Anyone Like Sutton?

This week's The Lying Game was essentially about what a huge whore Sutton was.

Ethan Whitehorse "Sutton was a huge whore. I loved her anyway." on The Lying Game
Ethan and Thayer start out by telling Emma the awful things Sutton used to do to random students. Sutton is basically a horrible bully. That's all fine and good except Ethan and Thayer, and even Char and Mads (to the extent that they even have personalities), aren't horrible people. Ethan especially is super normal. He doesn't seem like the type who would stand by and watch some poor new girl get run into the ground. Why would he be dating such a bitch?

Thayer Rybak "I concur. Sutton WAS a huge whore. But I too loved her anyway." The Lying Game
We also learned she only wanted to go to college in California to join a sorority and continue to torture people. Even the tennis coach at rando-college adds her two cents; telling Emma that Sutton has a "mean girl" reputation. 

Ethan and Emma "I'm glad you're not a huge whore like Sutton was." The Lying Game
"Hey, remember that time Sutton was a whore?" 
"Oh my God. I think they're talking about Sutton. And her whore-like tendencies." 
Then, after spending a whole episode trying to convince us that it's within the realm of possibility that Sutton is dead, Sutton, of course, walks through the door making the past 60 minutes a total waste of time. For the brief moment when they DID think she was dead, they said some nice-ish things. Like she was unpredictable. And a confident seven year old. And she had a voice...or something.

On a different note, here's a list of things I don't care about: 

1. Charisma Carpenter 

2. Whatever the hell is going on with Char and her drunk mom. Apparently she's going to the "Awaken Hope Recovery Center." That's just about the dumbest name for a recovery center ever. Second only to "We Make Things Better Sometimes Maybe At Least We Try Recovery Center." 

3. Charisma Carpenter 

4. Sutton/Emma's horrible tennis skills 

5. Charisma Carpenter 

6. Ethan's brother and his past with Nathan Petrelli

7. Charisma Carpenter

Ethan and Dan "Hey bro. Let me tell you something about that girl Sutton of yours.." The Lying Game
That about sums it up. This episode was just marking time until Sutton's return. At least she finally came back. Maybe next week the plot will actually progress in a forward direction. That'd be a nice change. 

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  1. haha Nathan Petrelli! This made me laugh :)I just can't see him as anyone else :)