Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Pretty Little Liars: Edit Undo

Ugh, Pretty Little Liars. I'm so over this whole false plot-ine thing that the ABCFam shows keep doing. It's just a big, cheap waste of time. Pretty Little Liars spent last night undoing all the Lucas stuff they've been setting up. Yawn. Other than that, Emily went on a date, Aria went on a date, and SHOCK they suspect Jenna!

On a different note, can I officially start shipping Spencer and the blind guy? Why don't they cast a guy like this for a role that'll be more than 45 seconds long?

Alexander Nifong as blind guy on Pretty Little Liars
Alexander Nifong as blind guy on Pretty Little Liars 
Homeboy's name is Alexander Nifong. He was on an episode of Glee too. And he usually looks like this:

Have to say - I prefer his hair this way. Apparently he was in the running for Jace in The Mortal Instruments series much like our dear Evan Peters was. Why-oh-why did they choose Jamie Campbell Bower? The only positive thing about him is that he's not Alex Pettyfer. Sorry. Tangent. I have so few thoughts on last night's PLL I've segued into YA novel adaptations. 

Whatever PLL. Whatever. As far as I'm concerned Blind Guy + Spencer = True Love 4ever. Maybe she'll go back to him when Toby falls of a scaffolding or something next week. 

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