Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Pretty Little Liars Rewind: Caleb and Hanna's Hookup

Despite some forward momentum on the A front, I was once again disappointed with the angst in this week's Pretty Little Liars. Most of the episode was spent watching Aria get cowed by her parents and untangling the Lucas riddle that most of us had already untangled. Speaking of Aria - I'm confused. How old IS she? Why doesn't she just tell her parents: "Fine. I'll wait the five minutes until I'm out of high school. THEN I'll be with Ezra." 


Onto the characters I do like.  I was pleased that there was some conflict between Hanna and Caleb, but I'm still sad about his new haircut. It didn't look any better this week. So here's a bunch of sexy flashback pictures from when he first hooked up with Hanna. He looked gooood then. 

Caleb Rivers on Pretty Little Liars
Caleb and Hanna hook up on Pretty Little Liars
Tyler Blackburn shirtless on Pretty Little Liars hot hot hot!
Tyler Blackburn as Caleb on Pretty Little Liars
Caleb and Hanna make out on Pretty Little Liars
Caleb and Hanna have sex on Pretty Little Liars
Hot pic of Tyler Blackburn as Caleb and Ashley Benson as Hanna hook up on Pretty Little Liars
Aria and Fitz wish they had the steam Hanna and Caleb manage.

Sigh. At this point, I no longer care who A is. They're playing the mortal danger card so often it's just lame. Every week, one of the girls almost dies. Except - they don't almost die because none of the four girls will ever die. They need to stop shattering glass on Emily and throwing Hanna into incredibly foggy lakes because it's all just crying wolf.

This show's strength is the soapy secretive goodness of the relationships and they've been steadily making them less secret and less soapy. Rather than lie about their relationships, now the girls are all lying within their relationships. Except they're openly lying. Yes there's something I can't tell you but I swear, one day I'll tell you. It's way less fun boo. I want Jason to come back, Caleb to be sad, and Toby to fall off a cliff. Is that really so much to ask?

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