Monday, January 23, 2012

The Secret Circle: I Guess That Counts As Plot Development

I haven't talked about The Secret Circle since its winter premiere because nooooooothing has been going on. AND because I really don't like Cassie. I've tried. I've made a valiant effort to not find her whiny and annoying. But I failed. I want to punch her in her woe-is-me face. Oh, and my favorite line of the week is thanks to her: "I can't just wait around for these witch hunters to come at me with some super special dark magic killing plan." Touche, Cassie. You got us there. None of us want to be taken down by super special dark magic killing plans.

Jake Zylka I've come back to help prevent any super special dark magic killing plans from taking place. Secret Circle
This show is at a serious disadvantage following The Vampire Diaries. Then again, maybe even fewer people would watch it if it didn't have such a great lead-in. The problem is, Vampire Diaries understands that its whole premise is sort of campy. There's humor. There's fun. Secret Circle takes itself incredibly seriously which really throws the absurdity of it into sharp relief. Everything is murder and black magic and our lives are in danger but also there's this school dance we should probably make a point to attend. Like.... what?

Thomas Dekker I hate you Jake. Because you have more chemistry with Cassie than I do. Britt Robertson
They DID up the male quota. And I'm staring to like Jake more and more. Sometimes I think Chris Zylka can act. Sometimes not so much. Maybe he just has too much skull to really emote blow the eyes? When I screen-cap him, his face is identical in 90% of the pictures. But while watching this week's episode - when he tells Cassie that he was at the magical-fire-of-importance that the entire show is based around - when he actually says the words "I was there" he is ACTING. It's a good good moment for him. I want to believe Chris Zylka is actually a genius thespian, portraying this incredibly tough, steely-eyed facade that eventually Cassie will break through. But I've seen my fair share of well acted stony-faced men and I don't yet buy that's what he's doing.

Chris Zylka as Jake Armstrong Look at me, acting up a storm Jake on The Secret Circle
Chris Zylka as Jake Armstrong Does wincing = acting range? Britt Robertson as Cassie Blake
Chris Zylka as Jake Armstrong Hey, Adam! I can do tears-in-my-eyes too. Jake The Secret Circle
SC also gets props for pilfering actors from shows that apparently have better casting directors. Why hello Travis from American Horror Story and legacy stealing Kitch from True Blood/Hastings Ruckle from Friday Night Lights. Unfortunately, they seem to have chosen a Breckin Meyer circa Clueless style for Michael Graziadei. I hope they amend that somewhat...

Michael Graziadei as Callum on The Secret Circle
Grey Damon as Lee on The Secret Circle
And dear Adam. I've been unimpressed these last few weeks. Thomas Dekker can act. I swear. (And I feel like I've said that fifteen times now.) But he's suffering from the same constant-whining problem that Cassie has. Maybe that means they totally belong together. Or maybe it means their combined wimpdom would be too much and they'd both collapse into puddles. I think Diana and Jake should get together. That'd be fun.

Thomas Dekker  Please. No. Whine. Evil. Don't do it. Whine. Danger. Whine. Whiinnneee.  Adam Secret Circle
Secret Circle took my advice and upped the male population. Hopefully now they'll come up with good ways to torture the guys. Hey! Know what would torture several of them simultaneously? Killing Cassie! Yeah! Let's do that! Two birds, amiright!?


  1. yay! thanks for the pic of Travis! i was scrolling down and saw him and it made me HAPPY! i miss ahs.
    oh and i think you should do pacey for the throwback. he is even hot and somewhat angsty as an adult on Fringe. actually, that was the only show out of all of them that i watched. and thanks for not choosing dawson in his place! also, the lead in the pole right now, Angel, he is just awesome on Bones, my 2nd fav show, behind ahs, of course. i never knew he was angel until one day my son & i could not figure out why Booth was talking so seriously to a green guy with

  2. I can confirm that Thomas Dekker has some acting ability. I haven't watched Secret Circle yet but I know I saw him portray John Connor with some degree of skill in Sarah Connor Chronicles.

  3. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww