Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Secret Circle: Adam? Cry? Surely not!

Holy macaroni, Adam made a joke!

Thomas Dekker as Adam Conant on The Secret Circle
But it was just one joke and then he went back to Mr. Weepy. Seriously - what are they thinking with this show? Adam and Cassie literally cried at each other before finally kissing. "You're amazing!" "No YOU are." Sob sob sob make-out.

Thomas Dekker as Adam Conant on The Secret Circle
Britt Robertson as Cassie Blake cries on The Secret Circle
Thomas Dekker as Adam Conant and Britt Robertson as Cassie Blake make out kiss on The Secret Circle
What IS that? Why are they both so serious and whispery all the time? Cassie should definitely get a bit of the absurd devil drug in her system. (Why don't they just use actual pot so there's no danger of magical-coma-seizure-overdose weirdness?) I swear, Cassie seems to be as much fun as a houseplant. And yet everyone loves her. Of course.

Then there's Jake. He was shirtless for a bit. And, you know, he still has a face...

Chris Zylka shirtless as Jake Armstrong shirtless on The Secret Circle
Chris Zylka shirtless as Jake Armstrong shirtless on The Secret Circle
Chris Zylka as Jake Armstrong on The Secret Circle
And Lee is off being mysterious and potentially manipulative. But not all that angsty yet.

Grey Damon as Lee LaBeque The Secret Circle
The problem is, there's no contrast in any of these characters. A character can cry every episode (Tate!) but he has to do other things too. Like kill people and be scary and make jokes and smile occasionally. Everyone on The Secret Circle is one dimensional. Even the characters who have a slightly more dynamic dimension - like Faye and Diana - are still just a type. It's maddening.

Anyway. I have nothing else to say. Cassie is one of the least interesting characters ever in the history of ever. There's nothing there except whining. I hate her. Maybe next time they roll her car (because she's too dumb to use her brakes) she won't get out. That would make my night.


  1. Ohhhh funny :-D
    Yep! When her car was careening and her necklace was choking I was thinking _ what's the first thing I would do? BRAKE.
    And then, of course, run off after a spectral robed figure into a boggy-wooded area!! FIRST thing! LOL Right after my car rolled and I got out - without a scratch!!! Kick it's spectral ass! Yeah! Oh wait...
    And again, I was pleasantly astounded when Adam made the little joke. And when he surprised Cassie with a beautiful sweet V-Day Romantic meal? Of course, what's the first thing you are going to do? Talk about your Father. CASSIE! He needs to shake her like you aren't s'posed to shake a baby and just say "- would you drop it!! For Five freaking minutes!! DROP IT!" Maybe a slap or two. Too heavy on the whole DAD thing. Too heavy!
    I thought the slumber party wackiness was fun but the OD was PREDICTABLE!! Who didn't see that coming. Rly? But I do enjoy Faye, and for some reason, even bland Diana...whom I am thinking may not be bland for long...i am hoping they will do some interesting character transformations, like Girl-Scout goes EVENTUALLY. NOT OVERNIGHT IN ONE EP. Really dark. Or Bad Girl Saves the day. Or Bland Friend (OD girl, forgot her name) gets unpredictable. I hope they play us! SPin us! Come on writers!!! Lead us on, make us care! But ...I suppose we have to wait :-)
    If you watch the behind the scenes, it is a little interesting..."Faye" seems more interesting...probably the accent.

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