Friday, February 3, 2012

The Secret Circle: Oh COME On!

GAAHHH! I am so sick of Adam and his constant weeping! Everything makes him cry. Cassie hanging out with Jake, Diana throwing him a party, Diana bombarding him with cookies and trying to make him fat. It is so grating. And not at all sexy.
 Thomas Dekker as Adam Conant I hurt my knuckle knocking on your door. Waaa!! The Secret Circle
Thomas Dekker as Adam Conant I used the last of my styling gel this morning. Waaa!! The Secret Circle
 And then there's Jake who is so far away from over-emoting, he's practically a marble statue.

Chris Zylka as Jake Armstrong on The Secret Circle
Chris Zylka as Jake Armstrong on The Secret Circle
Chris Zylka as Jake Armstrong  I do like when guys lean though. The Secret Circle
I want Michael Graziadei to look better than he does. Because he actually seems to have more character than the other dudes. And also the ability to occasionally seem merry in some way.

Michael Graziadei as Callum and Chris Zylka as Jake Armstrong on The Secret Circle 
Michael Graziadei as Callum on The Secret Circle
Everyone on this show is so freaking serious all the time. Adam is emo-serious. Jake is DANGER-serious. Cassie is a wet blanket of boring awful and stupidity. Hey Cassie, I have this great piece of swamp land to sell you. Yeah - your dad wants you to buy it. He totally does. I knew him. He told me.

I want this show to be better. But it's running out of time. And - did we notice - NOTHING happened this week?

Phoebe Tonkin as Faye kisses Chris Zylka as Jake Armstrong on The Secret Circle
Except Faye making out with Jake. Which, does anyone actually care? Apart from them being the two most objectively attractive people on the show... they may as well be starring in a perfume ad.

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  1. Y'know, I have been watching this one - and it is pretty heavy on the ...well, heavy lol
    I think Jake's face is just naturally so linear and carved looking, that even when he is doing his best to emote, I mean really - he just still looks like a hard ass. But yeah, this show could use better humor punches and a little lighter on the super-secret dark magic killing plan LOL
    ANd I love Adam. However, I hate when a guy tries to tell his romantic interest what to do, no matter the motivation. Also, I want to know WHY does Cassie trust Jake? How ridiculous is that? I am sitting watching, saying out loud - "Are you kidding me?! 'Oh well people are totally trying to kill me and you have been one of them Jake, but I just will go with you alone to the abandoned house anyway :-) Cus I am so confident. And in denial.' " I almost hope he really is just stringing her along so that it will come out that he really IS still trying to kill her, but not for a long time.
    I hope the writing gets a little more twisty. ANd was I happy to see Travis from AHS? OH YES!!! LOL