Saturday, March 17, 2012

The X-Files Saturday: Season 2

Season One ended with a break-up. The X-Files were closed and Mulder and Scully were split up. It was heartbreaking. Mulder became even more distant and sullen.

He ignored Scully in the hallway. Their every move was potentially dangerous. They had to meet in dark parking garages.

The season two opener covered a lot of ground. With his life's work asunder, Mulder sinks into a deep dark angsty place and dreams of when he was younger.

Specifically, when he watched his sister being abducted by aliens. That's when the angst really set in.

After Mulder has these dreams, he wakes up crying.

This is a good version of his cry face. The not good version comes up later, a lot. He's just so damn lost, he stops shaving a little bit and doesn't comb his hair. Even when he goes to visit congressmen.

In 1994, that look did it for me.Hell, it still does. Don't judge me. Mulder meets with the congressman (or senator--Gah! I don't remember) and the congressman tells him a few cryptic things while listening to Bach. And then a few not so cryptic things and it makes Mulder go "whhaaaaa?" And also, I really like this shot.

It seems contact as been made, so Mulder must go to Puerto Rico, like you do when you're searching for extra-terrestrial life. Luckily he always has his flashlight.

He spends a lot of the second half in Puerto Rico, sweating.

Scully spends the rest of the episode trying to find Mulder. Mulder is pretty sure he's on to something there in that control room of a radio telescope in Puerto Rico. He meets a guy who was hiding there and then dies and he's convinced the body will be evidence. An event similar to his sister's abduction happens with the same lights and sounds and rumbles.

We were already decently invested in the Mulder and Scully relationship. Their relationship is built on trust, because they literally trust no one else. Mulder confesses this all to her in his tape recorder, though I suppose he's confessing it to himself and to the audience. She never actually hears that tape. Scully's mad search for Mulder also means a whole lot too.

Of course she finds him, and of course they're being followed. She has to convince him to go by tugging on his sweaty sleeveless arms.

In the end, as per usual, they're left with nothing. They were chased through the jungle of Puerto Rico. They barely made it out alive, but they did indeed make it. Mulder was put back on his surveillance, and Scully was there by his side. To hold his hand and look at him in that way she has.

Those hand-holds come to mean so much. As we enter another season of The X-Files, we know these two may never find aliens or the truth. But in the end, they just might find each other. And it's full of angst along the way!

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