Saturday, April 21, 2012

The X-Files Saturday: Evil Little Boys, Puss Pustules, and Tony Shaloub

After a week off because of some technical issues, The X-Files Saturday is back. This week, I'm at the end of season 2; Mulder and Scully are fully investigating cases that aren't quite explained, though they're often not sure why they're being assigned said cases. Also, it's usually Scully who gets all "why are we doing this?" because she's skeptical. That's her game.

Sometimes kids are evil. Most people would probs disagree with me on that, saying something like "kids are great" and "I believe the children are our future." But if your kid looks like this, then he has evil inside him:

This is also a tip off:

Rituals with candles and roosters often come into play in these cases. And this is a really nice shot.

Sometimes to get the evil out, you have to squeeze his face.

Mulder and Scully never actually solved this case. I mean, the answer is that evil was doing it, but I guess they can't prosecute evil. That is one angsty little 9-ear-old though.

The next "why are we on this?" case was one of escaped convicts. Except it was really about a contagion. This episode was also really gross. (Remember how gross the flukeman was? This is even more gross.) Apparently this guy has never seen a TV show or movie, because if he had, he would know that puss pustule is going to burst all over his face (and in his mouth, because he opens his mouth at the worst possible time).

One burst puss pustule leads to another. And another and another. And then there are gross puss pustule-covered faces all over.

And again, I'm not always sure what's truly angsty, but I think it lands safely between that kid and that man, coming at it from opposite sides of the spectrum.

At one point Scully thinks she might be infected. She wears a light-dust grade mask to do an exam and poke around at dead bodies near an incinerator. If science had anything to do with it, she would have gotten infected and been dead by episode's end. But her lady parts must have kept her safe, and boy was she relieved.

It turns out that case was part of a massive government cover-up for a pharmaceutical company. It's one of the least interesting government conspiracies really. And it kept Scully and Mulder apart for most of the episode--something I am not a fan of.

I am a fan of them standing together in back-lit hallways.

Dark matter is real, and it comes in the form of Tony Shalhoub's shadow.

 A person used to be standing there. When your shadow is made up of dark matter and kills people it touches, you go a little bit crazy. And then you get captured by the government and studied with probes stuck to your head. I mean really, Monk, you kinda gotta figure that's what they'll do.

Shudder. Angst.

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