Saturday, August 18, 2012

The X-Files Saturday is Back!

Woah woah woah. Where did River Sanzu go, right? Much like an X-File, it shall go unexplained.

I left off somewhere in season three. War of the Corprophages is a third season classic, on the surface about roaches, but just below the surface, all about the angsty Mulder-Scully relationship.

They spend a lot of the episode on the phone. But still, their tension travels through the airwaves.

 On the weekends, Scully stays in and cleans her gun. Like you do.

And then she relaxes by a fire while reading some Truman Capote. All whilst on the phone to her lover partner, Mulder.

Mulder fights crime shirtless.

Scully sleeps it off, still on the phone.

Insanely jealous, Scully hauls her gun-cleaning, Capote-reading, dog-washing (not pictured), silk-pajama-wearing ass up to Massachusetts to threaten an entomologist.

There's no great resolution to the episode; the bugs flew away maybe? First Mulder looks at Scully like "aww, you're great." Then Scully says something mean about his entomologist friend Bambi and he tells her she smells bad.

Then Scully's all "whaaaaa?" Then Mulder wrote a report, though it was just his weekend vacation so I'm not sure with whom he filed it.

Roaches and angst: An X-Files special order!

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